Finding and Using Home
Decorating Ideas

Is this the first time that you have typed “home decorating ideas” into your browser? I'll bet it's not. Maybe you even have a stack of home design magazines on your coffee table or spread around the house. And yet you are searching for home interior decorating ideas again. Why? I think I know the answer …

You are subconsciously trying to find a picture of your OWN room decorated in a style you like. So even though you know what you like, somehow those home decorating pictures you do have just don’t look enough like your own room for you to imagine your room decorated like that.

I have umpteen folders on my hard-drive full of decorating ideas I love. I have a folder for each room of the house. I have stacks of decorating magazines with colourful sticky-tab bookmarks throughout. I just love collecting all those interior design pictures.

All white minimalist bedroom with blonde wood

Does this sound like you too?

If you are still in the process of looking for inspiration, try some of these sources for ideas.

Do you already have stacks of ideas and pictures, and want to know what to do with them all? This is how I analysed my pictures. Once I identified what it was about those pictures that made them special to me, I made a list of essentials. This can be quite tricky to do - decorating pictures often seem complete and perfect as they are, and they don’t look a thing like any room you have at home. But before you put those pictures of the "unattainable" aside there are some details to consider that may change your mind.

A good next step would be to identify a design style that works for you, or, if you can’t see your home done up in a “theme” try giving your home decorating ideas direction by considering the mood

or lifestyle you are trying to create.

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