Room Design Basics

I know that feeling when my head is bursting with ideas for a new room design. The difficult part is knowing where to get started. I’ve listed some interior design tips that work for me when I’m looking for a place to start launching into my home decorating.

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Room design and decorating steps

1. Determine the purpose of the room.

2. Think about who is going to use the room - will you be catering for special needs? Pristine magazine interiors are enticing, but what if you have pets in the house? Is that all-white living room the best choice for your active two year old toddler? Can a wheelchair-bound loved one manoeuvre easily and safely in your intended design scheme? What if a family member is visually impaired?

3. List what you like and dislike about the room; what will be highlighted, and what needs to be camouflaged.

4. Plan the layout and furniture placement. If you want to do this on paper or with a floor planning software, you will need to measure the room and furniture dimensions.

5. Decide on the theme or mood you would like for the room. Remember to consider your home as a whole if your living space is open plan.

6. Plan your budget; this will dictate the changes you can make immediately.

7. Do your shopping carefully, and don’t buy on impulse. Sometimes that perfect piece is worth waiting for. Take a list with you when you go shopping so that you stay focussed. Carry around a notepad and pen to record the dimensions when you see furniture you like so that you can check if a piece will fit the room before you buy it. Remember to find out how it is delivered - will you need to assemble it yourself, or does it come already assembled? If already assembled, will it fit through your doorways?

Before you start with the actual home interior decorating, you may want to have a look at these

principles of interior design.

Decorating each room can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but don’t rush - take the time now to ensure you do things right.

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